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Keeper Of The Stones

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The Trudy Burns Co.

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Tatted Lace

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Covered With Threads  
Donna has been making appliqued and fabric crafts full-time for four years. She works with home spun fabric and also runners.
Craig's Creations  
From antique pieces of silver plated spoons and forks, Craig Fowler makes wind chimes, Christmas ornaments and Pocket-Angels.
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Creative Designs by Judy  
Glass bowls and 't' shirts with fish, frogs, butterflies and poinsettias - since 1990.
TattedLace.com  This Space is available for purchase - with or without the domain name...

Tatted lace and handmade roses designed to create unique jewelry and gifts
Fivecoat's Crafts
Of course pillows can't talk, but these hand embroidered Pillow Talk Pillows say things! Your choice of sayings, colors, and fabric will create a truly custom pillow. These decorative pillows make the perfect gift or an accent for your own home.
I have been knitting for 35 years. Although I have done many sweaters in my time, they are not the only things that can be knitted. So may I introduce you to other lovely items?

 I started Jennifer's Super Scented Candles back in 1997. Our company makes candles that are reasonably priced, last up to 50% longer, and burn correctly. Check out our web site and see why I started this business. We also have candle accessories and crafts.
Keating Wood Craft  
We specialize in handcrafted country and Victorian creations. We offer country storage chests and Victorian fireplace screens and much more. Our items would make a unique gift for others or just for you.

Keeper of the Stones  
Keeper of the Stones began in 1993 after meeting our mentor Richard Davis. As a disabled teacher of earth science, he sat with us for hours and taught us about rocks and minerals. Thank you Richard for you are truly the original Keeper of the Stones.

Kitchen Quiltables by Lois  Check out our beautiful selection of hand-quilted placemats and table runners. 100% washable cotton.
Kraft Art Studio  We hand paint scenes on fireplace screens, towel holders, tables and other handmade items. We also have limited edition prints of our paintings on our web site. M-and-O-World-of-Gifts  We offer many unique gifts for any occasion. Check out our Country Shoppe for birdhouses, garden and home decor, handmade soap, gift baskets, jewelry and lots more. We offer retail and wholesale.
Millhimes Crafts  
Outdoor and indoor crafts - using flowing water fountains or lanterns.
Opals By Anvia We offer fine handcrafted jewelry in stunning designs. All the items are of solid precious metals, not plated, and all gems are genuine. Prices range from $40 to $2500. Come take a look! 
Out Of The Blue  
Individually Hand-painted metalware (by Cathy Driver)
Strictly Kid's Stuff  
Handcrafted wooden toys made to last for generations in solid cherry, walnut and oak.
Trudy Burns Co. 
Beautifully hand crafted dresses and accessories for "American Girl", "Magic Attic" or your favorite 18" doll>
Weaver's Woodcrafts  
Harold creates only the finest quality jewelry boxes.

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Woodcrafts by JC  
Handcrafted quality wood products made from the finest materials…there is something for everyone.
The Yarn Basket  Nestled in the heart of the Cumberland Valley lies a wonderful haven for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and needlework enthusiasts. The Yarn Basket is Central Pennsylvania's Home for knitting and needlework. With our large selection of yarns, you can very easily make this your only stop for your needlework supplies.
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