I started Jennifer's Super Scented Candles back in 1997. I was tired of buying candles that cost too much money, and didn't deliver the fragrance they claimed. Our company makes strongly scented candles that are reasonably priced, last up to 50% longer and burn correctly. WE GUARANTEE IT! Try one of our candles and see what you you have been missing! We also have candle accessories and crafts to offer.

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Candle Samples - Jennifer's Super Scented Candles makes 5 sizes and currently 57 fragrances. Large (32 oz.) Small (16 oz.) Mini (8 oz.) Votive (2 oz.) and Tarts (not pictured) (1 oz.) Our candles are completely guaranteed and totally hand made. Unlike other companies, you'll find that just one of ours will scent your entire home. They are also made to last up to 50% longer, and burn even all the way down. (Lg. $14.95, Sm. $8.95, Mini $5.25, Votive $.99, Tart $.79). Plus S&H.

Wreath - We custom make any kind of gift baskets and wreaths. Shown here is our blooming daffodil basket and wreath. The baskets all include one of our small candles. It's a great gift for that hard to buy for person. Let us create you a unique gift for that special person! Wreath ($14.95) Basket w/candle ($14.95) Plus S&H.

Wallvotives - We offer every scent we carry, including the aromatherapy line, in votives. They make a wonderful accent for parties, dinners, and just about any time. Try one of ours. You won't be disappointed! ($.99 ea.) plus S&H.

Tinshadowbox - We offer any design in punched tin shadow boxes. Pictured here is a star. These are a beautiful hand made item. The candle light glowing from these boxes adds a special touch to any room. They also make an unusual gift for that special person. ($15.95). Plus S&H.

Shadow Boxes 1 - We have a wide variety of shadow boxes for you to choose from. Pictured here are three of our popular designs: Pineapple, Sunflower, and star cutouts. The sunflower shadow box is one of our original crate designs. Price ($12.95). Plus S&H.

Shodow Boxes 2
We have a wide variety of shadow boxes for you to choose from. Pictured here are three of our designs: Heart , Apple Crate and Pineapple cutouts. The apple shadow box in the middle is one our original crate designs. Price ($12.95). Plus S&H.

Rod Iron - We have a wide variety of accessories for your candles. Pictured here is just a sample of the rod iron accessories we offer. Check out our web site [jenniferscandles.com] for individual prices! Prices range from ($5.50 - $11.95). Plus S&H.

Cat Shadow Box - Pictured here is one of our most popular shadow boxes: the sitting cat. It makes a wonderful gift. We can design almost any picture in a shadow box for you. Check out our web site for more details! ($12.95). Plus S&H.

Rag Angels - Angels give peace, love and serenity. Surround your home with these hand-made whimsical Rag Angels. They make wonderful gifts. Colors include Greens, Blues, Pinks, Lavender, Yellow. ($12.95). Plus S&H.

We make custom designed swags. Just state the color theme and we'll do the rest! Pictured here is an Autumn theme using Wine, Teal, and Mint Green colors.(14.95). Plus S&H.

Large Basket Theme
We make custom designed theme baskets for any occasion. Pictured here is a cherry theme including a Black Cherry Candle. These baskets make wonderful gifts for any occasion, including that hard to buy for person. (29.95). Plus S&H.

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